Monday, 16 October 2017

Nine Volt Nirvana Tone Dog

Another Nine Volt Nirvana fuzz. Cna't find anything info on it, but as usual if it's from Joe Gagan it's got to be good.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Nine Volt Nirvana Nitroburner Fuzz

Another from the man, the myth, the legend Joe Gagan. Not much to out there as far as info go, but it's another fuzz, based on the fuzzface with a bunch of tweaks. The only change I made is i removed the test switch, since I bought anyone wants to wire up a voltmeter in the pedal.

Here's Joe's notes on setting up the effect:

  • Set the bias pot to 0
  • Bias Q2 using the trimmer to -4.2V
  • When you change the bias pot it should max out at -7.4V
Note: I put it in the notes, but Q2 should be a high gain PNP Germanium transistor

Thursday, 5 October 2017

EWS Little Brute Drive

From the source:

Following the very well received Brute Drive, we are proud to introduce the newest pedal from EWS, the Little Brute Drive (LBD). From its small body, jumps out an intense distortion similar to its big brother, the Brute Drive.

Its compact design takes us very little real estate. It will fit anywhere you desire on your pedal board. But don't let the small size fool you. This simple one-knob powerhouse produces heavy crunch to fiery distortion sounds. Output level and treble control can be adjusted with 2 trimmers located on the PC board inside the pedal.

This is an overdrive/distortion pedal that is compact in size, user-friendly and surely to become your work-ready weapon! And of course, it's true-bypass.

 I took the liberty to make some modifications from the schematic. Like many of us I like having the ability to make changes on the fly, so I changed the trimpots to external pots.

For those that want the stock version with trimmers

Friday, 29 September 2017

Lumpy's Tone Shop Lemon Drop/ZII/Series 7

Originally sold as the Lemon Drop, then the ZII, and now the Series 7.

Description of the Series 7 from the source:

Designed to mimic the unique overdriven tones of the rare Vox 4&7 series amplifiers in a small and easy to use stompbox.  An unknown amp to most, the 4&7 series amps were most famously used by the Beatles during the Revolver era and Jimmy Page on numerous tracks from the second Zep album.  Think Paperback Writer style of tones and, yes, Whole Lotta Love.

The 7 Series Overdrive captures the aggressive qualities of the solid state preamp found in the 4&7 series amps by using a pseudo hybrid setup consisting of a specifically selected silicon transistor for the first stage which adds a distinct bite and growl.  That pushes an FET stage into clipping adding some warmth, sustain and amp like dynamics to the tone and feel.  The end result is a highly effective emulation of the amp and a unique sonic blend that could be characterized as a "fuzzy overdrive."

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Nine Volt Nirvana BrontoBoost

Next up of the Nine Volt Nirvana pedals is the BrontoBoost. From Joe.

The new Brontoboost is a two stage booster/fuzz/OD/Dist unit that has a ton of different tones in it, all good! It goes from awesome treble boost like a British top booster, to fullrange boost, to very fat fuzz and everything in between. The fuzz can be set to 'sick', which sounds like an amp on the verge of meltdown! The Brontoboost features tremendous sustain, with a fuzz character that is textured and harmonically rich without sounding like existing fuzzes. Be careful, playing in this compressed , swirly fuzz mode can be addicting, and might bring out a whole new side to your musical expression! "The Bronto is a versatile beast, and has a character unlike any other pedal on the market. Some people simply don't like it, others think it is the most brilliant thing they have ever played! Weird. It does four things, and all of them very well:
  1. Cleanish boost [treble boost or full range]
  2. OD, like a TS, but with a much more open and natural feel - responds to your playing in a very satisfying way. Wider freq response than a TS or most other pedals on the market due to the 'quad cap' circuit path - this adds dimension to the freq response.
  3. Fuzz - mild fuzz all the way to 'amp meltdown' sound. different than any other fuzz I have heard, - compressed yet articulate. Smooth yet alive. Sustain and clarity amidst the fuzzfrenzy . Weird but beautiful.
  4. Tube amp simulator. I use mine on low volume gigs to replicate the breakup of a tube amp. People are amazed a the tones that are achieved at low volume with it. Like our favorite all time great rock guitar tones but at a very reasonable volume!
The other great thing is that at all settings, it retains an incredible 'gain' control - your guitar 's volume knob! I use the Bront on about 80% of all my guitar work these days due to this versatility. Swiss army knife of preamp/OD/Boost/Distortion/Fuzz."
Quick note: Q3 is Ge, so I assume you can sub the 2SB54 for any other PNP Germanium transistor.